Our Sun also in lockdown

While the Earth as a whole is going through the lockdown, our source of energy, the Sun also has gone into a lockdown, says reports. Called as the Solar minimum, the sun’s magnetic field has become weak, allowing extra cosmic rays into the solar system, though could be dangerous for astronauts travelling through space,  nothing much to worry for us.


Image Credit: NASA.

And similar to almost our own global lockdown, the Sun has also gone into lockdown for more than a 100 days – 3 months +- now. Interesting phenomenon for scientists but even for laypersons like us, this is interesting.

It is said that every eleven years, the sunspots fade away, making the Sun a “cool” guy, relatively calm. Alternatively, the Sunspots and solar flares peak and fade with an 11-year cycle and it is the least phase or the “lockdown” phase in a way. But don’t ever think, the Sun actually cools.. No. It will not have any effect on the temperature of our cities or anything like that.

The Corona virus is giving us new perspectives, it is teaching us ..

Enjoy your lockdown, stay safe and pray for the poor and the vulnerable, who are suffering like hell… Unfortunately, much of the declared relief packages has no relevance to those poor people !!!

Courtesy: https://www.timesnownews.com/technology-science/article/sun-reportedly-entering-solar-minimum-whats-the-phenomenon-and-why-is-it-happening-now/593485

Hide and seek…

It is lockdownday 36, Wednesday …

These are some photos that I had clicked last year in Matrikunj, Puducherry. Found them while browsing through my collections. Found them very inspiring.. The different hues and colours of the setting Sun and the art work that is created by the tree-branches, blades of grass… surprisingly refreshing..

Stay at home and be safe.. And do something that makes your day better!!!