Almost after about five or so years, I am about to start my writing again. Things have not changed much since then. The city – that is Pondicherry- or Puducherry – is the same. The chaos has only increased. The same traffic – a bit more unorganized, the same law-less citizens, the don’t care attitude of the law enforcement police – the same attitude towards – or lack of it – the safety of pedestrians – it’s all the same. That is Pondy, the way people call it. The small, tiny metropolis of India. The roads are still ridden with potholes – only locations have changed. So still has a lot to share and in the coming days, I intend to share some of my random thoughts again in these pages.

I have changed a lot in these five years, and so is also my outlook.. Let me unveil me, unravel me and unwind me in the coming days.