The migrating butterflies – Crimson rose.

A couple of days I had this red and black butterfly caught on my camera. But now I see hundreds of them everywhere. Today, while it was still raining, I got a number of the same species fluttering around.


It was raining and it was difficult to catch them on my camera from a distance. But I managed to get a few of them.


They were everywhere. Fluttering around with their magnificent and bright beautiful wings.


I got them through the window of my office on the second floor (Sri Aurobindo Society) from a distance of about 30 meters away.


Some of the shots are off-center due to a high zoom.


Obviously, due to the huge numbers of them, I presume, they are migrating.


It is north-east monsoon in Pondicherry. It has been raining from today morning off and on since morning till almost noon. Because of my vantage position, I could get these butterflies about 40 feet above the ground.

Nature is so beautiful, green and soothing, especially when it rains! It is kind of regenerative even within minutes of its impact. The whole atmosphere changes and transforms!.

The fluttering beauty of red, black and white… Crimson rose.

Recently when I was in Bahour which is about 20 km south of Pondicherry (India), I came across this beautiful butterfly which was fluttering around… It was late evening around 6pm so there was not much light for a better image. Still, its red, black and white pattern was beautiful, against the green background!!.  This is the crimson rose butterfly.IMG_2174 Nature is so bountiful and we often forget to realize it!!

I have seen similar butterflies before which used to be more bright. This fellow looked a bit of shabby, dusty one.

Maybe it had a hard day wandering in the dusty routes!!!

A date with Nature..

After many weeks of spending in the office, sitting on a chair and attending meetings, writing proposals and strategizing plans for various projects, etc., I got a chance to go out and have a date with nature. This was my trip to Matru Udyan, a picturesque, piece of land near the Oussudu Lake, where the various birds, trees, shrubs, climbers,  flowering plants make you so fresh, energetic and think differently and also reminding you, what all you have been missing all these days.


This land belongs to Sri Aurobindo Ashram and is a wonderful place for people of all ages to study, understand and internalize the role of the various components of nature and its services to not only human beings but all life-forms as well as to land, water, air also.


Just a few images from my short visit from there, as no words can express what I experienced there better.


From the flowers to the birds, pond, and lotus, the little creepers and shrubs, everything had a meaning and role to its surroundings. Sometimes, I get a strong feeling, the only species which does not gell with nature are us, the human beings, may we are the “weeds” that nature might not want at all- if it had a choice!!!