Your lockdown life

The lockdown has changed us, the way we look at things, objects, other life forms, value of things that we can not buy with money. It has brought in new paradigms, new thought-processes, new attitudes.

Now we look at metal and other surfaces like doorknobs, bolts, hand-rails, etc. especially out of the home with suspect. We are getting accustomed to face-maks and sanitizer. Our window to the outside world has also changed a bit.

We have found new things to do, reinvented many of our lost interests. To some, it might be gardening, or to somebody else, it would be cooking or even watching good movies or listening to music. In another way, is it that nature is asking us to re-invent ourselves and the way we look at the planet and other fellow species?

Hopefully so!!!

Hide and seek…

It is lockdownday 36, Wednesday …

These are some photos that I had clicked last year in Matrikunj, Puducherry. Found them while browsing through my collections. Found them very inspiring.. The different hues and colours of the setting Sun and the art work that is created by the tree-branches, blades of grass… surprisingly refreshing..

Stay at home and be safe.. And do something that makes your day better!!!

Lockdown day 35/Tuesday

It is day 35 of the lockdown. Interestingly, we got some free vegetables today from a local politician which was being distributed to each and every household. Now the more interesting fact is that this politician did not win the elections in the last elections and maybe he is looking forward to coming back. All the more, when the sitting elected representative did not even care to come and visit his constituency all these days.


Of course, the picture below has no reference or relevance to the lockdown or the free vegetables that we got. Nature does not mind, whether it is lockdown or not- there is no lockdown for nature, for the plants, for the butterflies, insects. In fact, they should be happy that not many people are around to disturb!!!


Real pandemics…

Nature in all beauty and shapes and the beauty of water and how water gives life to all other forms of life… But we seldom realize the value of water when we have plenty of it. But when water becomes scarce, it might be already late…

In fact, those who get water for their basic needs are so lucky… because, millions of people do not have access to it and due to its lack of quality, they die in thousands every day. The bigger pandemic of poverty, water scarcity, lack of equal opportunities… !!!


Will these pandemics be ever  eliminated?

Planet first….


Under the longest lockdown in the history of India, we are going through unprecedented times and situations. With the whole world reeling under the Corona virus threat, and struggling to come to terms with the after effects, and realizing our helplessness, though we thought to be highly evolved, technologically advanced, COVID 2019 reminds us the supremacy of nature, the planet… Planet first ..yes, humans don’t matter much.


And fewer and fewer interventions from us human, nature is repairing itself in all possible ways and means…




Mighty, Majestic Brahmaputra

Maybe the Brahmaputra is the only male river of India, with most of the other rivers being feminine be it Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri, Krishna, Godavari, Nila … the list goes on.  The river Brahmaputra is majestic, mighty as well as beautiful – of course when it is not violent.


Maybe it is wrong to call the river as violent, though year after year, it takes the lives of many people on its way. The fault is not with the river, but with people who do not care about the earth, and go on encroaching on water spaces.


Mighty flows the Brahmaputra

Calm and peaceful

Majestic and grand

Hidden in it is its fury

Against the arrogance

The ignorance

The greed of those

Who continue to ignore

To be punished and warned

Time after time

Year after year..


Mighty flows the Brahmaputra

Calm and peaceful

Majestic and grand



Spotted dove @ Agastya Foundation, Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh

While I had recently visited the Agastya International Foundation, located at Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh, I came across this beautiful bird. I was lucky to get some decent shots of this bird in the morning sunlight.


Wikipedia says “The spotted dove (Spilopelia chinensis) is a small and somewhat long-tailed pigeon that is a common resident breeding bird across its native range on the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The species has been introduced into many parts of the world and feral populations have become established”


The collar design of black dots was very beautiful and made it a special one and looks as if it is a proud and cool bird as well.


This bird is known to feed on the ground on grains, grass seeds, fallen fruits and sometimes insects also like the winged termites.


The migrating butterflies – Crimson rose.

A couple of days I had this red and black butterfly caught on my camera. But now I see hundreds of them everywhere. Today, while it was still raining, I got a number of the same species fluttering around.


It was raining and it was difficult to catch them on my camera from a distance. But I managed to get a few of them.


They were everywhere. Fluttering around with their magnificent and bright beautiful wings.


I got them through the window of my office on the second floor (Sri Aurobindo Society) from a distance of about 30 meters away.


Some of the shots are off-center due to a high zoom.


Obviously, due to the huge numbers of them, I presume, they are migrating.


It is north-east monsoon in Pondicherry. It has been raining from today morning off and on since morning till almost noon. Because of my vantage position, I could get these butterflies about 40 feet above the ground.

Nature is so beautiful, green and soothing, especially when it rains! It is kind of regenerative even within minutes of its impact. The whole atmosphere changes and transforms!.