The locked-down Pondicherry beach

The Pondicherry beach part of the White town of the erstwhile French colony known for its metropolis outlook of people of all countries, colour and gender throng for its beauty and the serenity is locked-down due to the pandemic.


Instead of the busy walkers and joggers that usually fill up the promenade, now you can see only lazy dogs enjoying the beach and its cool winds.

The sea is also cool and relatively calm known for its rather harsh waves.

The sky is also reciprocating the mood of the sea as well as the beach with its myriad of moods or colours with beautiful patterns of clouds allowing you to write your own interpretations of visual poetry.

IMG_396112th May 2020

Your lockdown life

The lockdown has changed us, the way we look at things, objects, other life forms, value of things that we can not buy with money. It has brought in new paradigms, new thought-processes, new attitudes.

Now we look at metal and other surfaces like doorknobs, bolts, hand-rails, etc. especially out of the home with suspect. We are getting accustomed to face-maks and sanitizer. Our window to the outside world has also changed a bit.

We have found new things to do, reinvented many of our lost interests. To some, it might be gardening, or to somebody else, it would be cooking or even watching good movies or listening to music. In another way, is it that nature is asking us to re-invent ourselves and the way we look at the planet and other fellow species?

Hopefully so!!!

Salutes to those who feed us

One of the good things that happened after the second lockdown was that the government allowed agricultural activities to resume.  This meant not only that farmers could resume their operations but also the agricultural labourers could work and earn some money and thus buy food for their houses!..  The daily agricultural labourers have to work every day to earn their food and the 40 days long lockdown was a disaster. Maybe more lives would have lost due to the loss of livelihoods than due to the COVID pandemic itself all over the world.

Salutes to them, who toil irrespective of rain or sun, flood or drought, pandemic or not, because, without them, we have no food to eat…

Moon – 3 May 2020

It was a bit difficult to shoot with the maximum zoom of 1200 mm without a tripod… But at the end with multiple trials, got these images… Astonishing to me, the images turned out to be very sharp and with interesting details of the elevations and valleys on the moon’s visible surface…

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Mayday greetings…

Another day of lockdown. It is 1st May.  International labour day. Where lakhs of the working class are trapped and devoid of their livelihoods due to the lockdown. Solidarity with all those who are struggling to survive..


The photo below is not related to any of this.  My friend, Mr.Muniyan at one of the experimental farms. Some images from the Matrikunj Organic Farm where these experiments were going on the last year…


Lockdown day 35/Tuesday

It is day 35 of the lockdown. Interestingly, we got some free vegetables today from a local politician which was being distributed to each and every household. Now the more interesting fact is that this politician did not win the elections in the last elections and maybe he is looking forward to coming back. All the more, when the sitting elected representative did not even care to come and visit his constituency all these days.


Of course, the picture below has no reference or relevance to the lockdown or the free vegetables that we got. Nature does not mind, whether it is lockdown or not- there is no lockdown for nature, for the plants, for the butterflies, insects. In fact, they should be happy that not many people are around to disturb!!!