The scrap cow..


Made of scrap

rubber and plastic

This cow reminds us of

the “modern” city cows

which feeds on plastic

paper and posters

and gives us what is

called as “milk” which

again comes to us

In a plastic sachet.

Is it really milk?

Or something else?

Fasting, Curing and Well being

Have you ever skipped your breakfast? I am sure, all of us do that. I have heard various comments from all quarters who say you should never skip your breakfast. Right ? Eat your breakfast like a king.. Yes. All that !!!

But times have changed. Our lifestyles have changed. Most of the people never get any time to do any physical activity. Modern science tells us it is okay to skip your breakfast sometimes which actually might improve your health. The 2016 Nobel Prize awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi relates to what is known as “autophagy” (meaning “self eating” by which cells use autophagy to eliminate damaged proteins and organelles, a quality control mechanism that is critical for counteracting the negative consequences of aging. So during fasting energy is taken from the stored fat in your body. When you fast (of course with no snacking in between including consumption of sugar/milk or any carbs) for about 17 hours or so – meaning when you skip your breakfast after your previous day’s dinner, and directly have your lunch, it brings about many positive changes to your body. I am not going to go deep into those particulars as you can Google yourselves to find out more, but beware, do not do this if you have any health issues like diabetes.  If you are on any drugs, you should get some expert advice before doing it. It is quite safe to skip your breakfast and have some unsweetened green tea or black coffee (of course without sugar) to kill your hunger pangs!!

There are even more interesting research going on in modern medicine which urges)you to avoid certain foods that could result in what is called “leaky guts”(bacteria or toxins leak through the intestinal wall), which postulates that all our diseases (mostly lifestyle related) start due to destruction of our gut microbiome. The foods to be avoided are those containing “lectins” – those poisons that plants generate to protect their seeds from being destroyed.  When we stop consuming foods that can create holes in the guts, it means we are allowing our bodies to rebuild our immunity

Another branch of research in modern genetics related to the process of aging with something known as “telomeres” related to aging. The interesting fact is that when we fast long enough, the body can start its internal process of repairing itself by production of stem cells.

The latest Nobel prize in medicine for this year (2019) is related to the response of cells when the oxygen levels go down.  At this time, more Red Blood corpuscles (or RBC) are produced, which in a way may boost our immunity. Does it ring any bell? Look at people living in high altitudes who live constantly in low oxygen levels who are fond to live longer!!.

So maybe there is some benefit in fasting. Or not may be, but definitely yes. All religions and cultures had fasting as a process to reboot the human body system!. You can also read up on works on anti-aging by David A Sinclair or schemes like One Mean A Day (OMAD) etc. It is interesting to note that starvation leads to increased lifespans!!!

So next time when you miss your breakfast, don’t feel bad about it. Enjoy fasting. May be modern humans need to eat only twice or maybe even once. Should we live to eat or drink or eat to live better? Or rather eat less, but quality food. Leave out those refined carbs and sugar or even milk? (if possible switch to country breed , grass-fed cow’s milk, called as A2 Milk (though it is extremely difficult to get it).