Tropical Cyclone Amphan

It is too hot in Pondicherry (a small state in the southern part of India) and now at 3.00 pm it is 40-42 degrees Celsius or 107 F. Usually the hottest month in Pondicherry is June but the tropical cyclone Amphan that is creating havoc in Eastern part of India and Bangladesh is making us in a hot air oven drawing all the cool air towards it.


Not only Pondicherry, but most of India is reeling under the heatwave created by the cyclone as is evident from the temperature graph from But compared to the impact of the cyclone where it is going to hit, this heatwave is manageable. But to the thousands of migrant labourers who are out on the road due to the COVID pandemic, this is going to be a big challenge!!

Courtesy: Date: 20/05/2020

Salutes to those who feed us

One of the good things that happened after the second lockdown was that the government allowed agricultural activities to resume.  This meant not only that farmers could resume their operations but also the agricultural labourers could work and earn some money and thus buy food for their houses!..  The daily agricultural labourers have to work every day to earn their food and the 40 days long lockdown was a disaster. Maybe more lives would have lost due to the loss of livelihoods than due to the COVID pandemic itself all over the world.

Salutes to them, who toil irrespective of rain or sun, flood or drought, pandemic or not, because, without them, we have no food to eat…