Corona and the long gap..

It has been quite some time and I have written anything.

The fifth lockdown (or Lockdown 5.0) has been on since 4th of May but my offie has started functioning again and I have been on full-time work since then. Lots of pending works during the earlier four phases of the lockdown took away most of my time and too many deadlines and meetings and webinars and emails and….

Thought I will restart my blogging again. Now we are in a very interesting situation in Puducherry (India) where I live. Before the lockdowns, we had very few cases, and people were extremely scared about the pandemic. Four versions of lockdown, people are fedup with the system and now with the current unlock process, the cases are increasing day by day. Today was the highest increase with 27 new cases registered.

The funny way in which the Indian administration is responding to the pandemic is noteworthy. They have opened all the places of workship – all temples, churches, mosques etc. And people are flooding to these places as this was the ONE thing they have been missing all these days. In most states, the liquur shops also have opened up. The result? Obvious.. the rising Corona cases. And to add to the twist, a border standoff with our neighbours China as well. How politics overtakes all other interests is a thing to watch and learn.

Anyway, this is how the system works. And whether we like it or not, that is how it is. And that’s how it shall be. Unless the people react. But we have forgotten to react or have lost the energies to react in ways where the government will sit up and notice. This pandemic is a chance for those in power (which every country or nation, I think it is the same everywhere) to push their agenda.

Rest later,

Signing off….

Our Sun also in lockdown

While the Earth as a whole is going through the lockdown, our source of energy, the Sun also has gone into a lockdown, says reports. Called as the Solar minimum, the sun’s magnetic field has become weak, allowing extra cosmic rays into the solar system, though could be dangerous for astronauts travelling through space,  nothing much to worry for us.


Image Credit: NASA.

And similar to almost our own global lockdown, the Sun has also gone into lockdown for more than a 100 days – 3 months +- now. Interesting phenomenon for scientists but even for laypersons like us, this is interesting.

It is said that every eleven years, the sunspots fade away, making the Sun a “cool” guy, relatively calm. Alternatively, the Sunspots and solar flares peak and fade with an 11-year cycle and it is the least phase or the “lockdown” phase in a way. But don’t ever think, the Sun actually cools.. No. It will not have any effect on the temperature of our cities or anything like that.

The Corona virus is giving us new perspectives, it is teaching us ..

Enjoy your lockdown, stay safe and pray for the poor and the vulnerable, who are suffering like hell… Unfortunately, much of the declared relief packages has no relevance to those poor people !!!


Salutes to those who feed us

One of the good things that happened after the second lockdown was that the government allowed agricultural activities to resume.  This meant not only that farmers could resume their operations but also the agricultural labourers could work and earn some money and thus buy food for their houses!..  The daily agricultural labourers have to work every day to earn their food and the 40 days long lockdown was a disaster. Maybe more lives would have lost due to the loss of livelihoods than due to the COVID pandemic itself all over the world.

Salutes to them, who toil irrespective of rain or sun, flood or drought, pandemic or not, because, without them, we have no food to eat…

Planet first….


Under the longest lockdown in the history of India, we are going through unprecedented times and situations. With the whole world reeling under the Corona virus threat, and struggling to come to terms with the after effects, and realizing our helplessness, though we thought to be highly evolved, technologically advanced, COVID 2019 reminds us the supremacy of nature, the planet… Planet first ..yes, humans don’t matter much.


And fewer and fewer interventions from us human, nature is repairing itself in all possible ways and means…