We are going through unprecedented times and situations. We have been mindlessly living and COVID 2019 is an eye-opener. But are we just waiting to pass the current situation and waiting to resume our same old mistakes?
A lockdown of everything..

Of our arrogance
Of our mindlessness
Of our ignorance
Of our apathy
Of our cruelty
Of our carelessness

With the lockdown lifted..
Will we change for the better?

Better we do..!!!

Planet first….


Under the longest lockdown in the history of India, we are going through unprecedented times and situations. With the whole world reeling under the Corona virus threat, and struggling to come to terms with the after effects, and realizing our helplessness, though we thought to be highly evolved, technologically advanced, COVID 2019 reminds us the supremacy of nature, the planet… Planet first ..yes, humans don’t matter much.


And fewer and fewer interventions from us human, nature is repairing itself in all possible ways and means…