The current pandemic is something very new for all of us. But a little digging into the history and too if one goes back to about 100 years, we can see exactly that history is just repeating. The flu of 1918  caused by the H1N1 flu virus had one of the worst death rates in the world. And it lasted for about two or three years, spreading all over the world. Just after the world war I, the disease spread by returning soldiers getting back to their countries. Though it might not have much to Spain and may it is interesting to see why it was called so.


Anyhow, in India, it was called the Bombay fever which spread to Chennai, Kolkatta, and other major cities (though the modern concept of a city was not there). It is supposed to have a couple of millions people in India alone and all over the world, it would have killed many millions, some estimates put it at 50 million. As the communication systems and reporting systems were not up to the mark considering this happened about 100 years ago, nobody might even know actually how many people would have died the world over. Still the available news says the world population would have got decimated by a very high percentage of about 6-10% . This flu killed more people than the World war 1 itself points to the fact as to how lethal it was.

Interestingly the Father of India, Mahatma Gandhi also got infected by the flu but survived the same. Also, it is to be noted that the 1918 flu had similar symptoms as of the current Corona virus. The old photographs available astonishingly reflects what we see now around us! But the flu of 1918 is very different from the current pandemic in the way it affects different age groups as the current pandemic is more dangerous to elderly while as the 1918 flu was more lethal for young populations.

So history is just repeating. Do we learn our lessons enough at least for the future?

Better we do !!!

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