Hide and seek…

It is lockdownday 36, Wednesday …

These are some photos that I had clicked last year in Matrikunj, Puducherry. Found them while browsing through my collections. Found them very inspiring.. The different hues and colours of the setting Sun and the art work that is created by the tree-branches, blades of grass… surprisingly refreshing..

Stay at home and be safe.. And do something that makes your day better!!!

Lockdown day 35/Tuesday

It is day 35 of the lockdown. Interestingly, we got some free vegetables today from a local politician which was being distributed to each and every household. Now the more interesting fact is that this politician did not win the elections in the last elections and maybe he is looking forward to coming back. All the more, when the sitting elected representative did not even care to come and visit his constituency all these days.


Of course, the picture below has no reference or relevance to the lockdown or the free vegetables that we got. Nature does not mind, whether it is lockdown or not- there is no lockdown for nature, for the plants, for the butterflies, insects. In fact, they should be happy that not many people are around to disturb!!!


Home Garden and its pleasures…

My wife is an excellent gardener. Our small terrace garden has chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers, some greens, ladies finger, eggplants, curry leaves, mint etc. Very small level with a few grow-bags only. But the pleasure of seeing our own cultivated vegetables which are completely organic and poison-free is great…


This was our own yellow cucumber that we harvested yesterday which is called Sambar Vellari here.

These are some of our other vegetables that are currently getting ready to be harvested soon. Of course, all credits of these go to my dear wife…


Real pandemics…

Nature in all beauty and shapes and the beauty of water and how water gives life to all other forms of life… But we seldom realize the value of water when we have plenty of it. But when water becomes scarce, it might be already late…

In fact, those who get water for their basic needs are so lucky… because, millions of people do not have access to it and due to its lack of quality, they die in thousands every day. The bigger pandemic of poverty, water scarcity, lack of equal opportunities… !!!


Will these pandemics be ever  eliminated?


We are going through unprecedented times and situations. We have been mindlessly living and COVID 2019 is an eye-opener. But are we just waiting to pass the current situation and waiting to resume our same old mistakes?
A lockdown of everything..

Of our arrogance
Of our mindlessness
Of our ignorance
Of our apathy
Of our cruelty
Of our carelessness

With the lockdown lifted..
Will we change for the better?

Better we do..!!!