Jatayu Earth Centre

Recently when I was in Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum (the capital city of Kerala, India), went to the Jatayu Earth Centre about 60km from Trivandrum. Situated in Kollam district of Kerala, this is the largest bird sculpture in the world. Sculpted by artist Rajiv Anchal, this is a joint initiative by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, Government of Kerala and built based on the story of Jatayu, the vulture which tried to save Sita, wife of Lord Ram as per Ramayana, the epic. Jatayu is supposed to have fought with Ravana (who kidnapped Sita to Srilanka) and succumbed to injuries. Thus Jatayu is portrayed as a protector of women and the earth centre is built on this concept.


The earth centre is still in construction and will have a mini-theatre inside it.


The head of Jatayu with the eyes as a window…


The sculpture is made of rock and concrete and the false colour image shows the intricacy of the work done by the artist Rajiv Anchal.