The roads in Pondicherry

Off late, the roads in Pondicherry are in a bad state of affairs. With the underground drainage project going on for almost three years, the work is still going on at a snail’s pace and the public are at the mercy of the speeding killer buses and lorries. With the effective width of the roads reduced much, with sand and stones dumped on the sides of the roads, with the private company which used to keep the roads clean opting out of the scheme due to non payment of arrears to them by the government, the roads have become too dangerous for the people on bicyles, bikes etc. 

of Solid Waste Management in Pondicherry

With the private agency opting out from the waste collection due to a huge arrears to be paid to them by the government, the waste bins are overflowing in Pondicherry in almost all areas!. The private agency has not been paying their workers for quite some time since they did not get their dues from the government and this has led to the workers not cooperating with the company. Now one has to wait and see what happens. The municipality of Pondicherry is making some arrangements to lift the waste from the white town but the other areas, the problem is getting worse day by day! …Let us wait and see…!!!