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Raghu Menon


If I were a child again…

If I were a child again

I would have played more

Made friends lot more

Read and drew more


If I were a child again

I would have got wet in the rain

I would have played in the muddy puddles

Without the fear of getting my dress dirty


If I were a child again

I would have played with my siblings more

Would have loved my elders and parents more

Would have cherished every second I spend with them.


If I were a child again

I would love to climb up the trees

Jumped into the ponds and stayed there

Till I got bored with playing in the water.


If I were a child again,

I would have loved to learn music

Learned all the beautiful languages

Paint all the beautiful times of my childhood.


If I were a child again

I would have roamed free

Hiking the mountains

Walking the forest trails


If I were a child again

I will never want to grow up

And away from the childhood memories

Thanks to my parents, brothers, sister, and relatives

Who made it so beautiful

I would love to relive it again and again.

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The scrap cow..


Made of scrap

rubber and plastic

This cow reminds us of

the “modern” city cows

which feeds on plastic

paper and posters

and gives us what is

called as “milk” which

again comes to us

In a plastic sachet.

Is it really milk?

Or something else?

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Swaying in the wind, Songs of the breeze


Swaying in the wind,

Floating with the current

Songs of the breeze

So light and so fragile


Swaying in the wind,

Floating with the current

Songs of the breeze


Taking you to the past

Of your childhood memories

A time of no worries

A land of complete freedom


Swaying in the wind,

Floating with the current

Songs of the breeze


Having no worries

Simple things of happiness

Pure ecstasy and liberation


Swaing in the wind

Floating with the current

Songs of the breeze.




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Spotted dove @ Agastya Foundation, Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh

While I had recently visited the Agastya International Foundation, located at Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh, I came across this beautiful bird. I was lucky to get some decent shots of this bird in the morning sunlight.


Wikipedia says “The spotted dove (Spilopelia chinensis) is a small and somewhat long-tailed pigeon that is a common resident breeding bird across its native range on the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The species has been introduced into many parts of the world and feral populations have become established”


The collar design of black dots was very beautiful and made it a special one and looks as if it is a proud and cool bird as well.


This bird is known to feed on the ground on grains, grass seeds, fallen fruits and sometimes insects also like the winged termites.


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Trip to Agastya International Foundation

Was away for a couple of days (24th and 25th October 2019) visiting the Agastya International Foundation which is about 250 km away from my home town, Pondicherry.


Lots and lots to share …!! Will compile the learnings and will share. Very interesting centre with a beautiful team of people striving hard to take science and maths to rural children through teachers’ orientation workshops, mobile science labs, science fairs, campus visits by children on a regular basis and much more.


Interesting creations of art from kitchen utensils and with a real dog in the frame!!!

They also work in about 95 rural hamlets around their campus (located near Gudpuli/Kuppam in Andhra Pradesh GPS coordinates: 12° 45’ 33” N, 78° 19’ 38” E).


Their architecture was very eco-friendly, using existing materials and rocks/pebbles etc. and constructed in line with the slopes. They also have an excellent waste/grey water recycling unit which they treat and use for irrigating their tree-saplings spread over about 170 acres or so.


With various sections of gardens including grasslands…


Shrubs, medicinals…


With butterflies, birds, insects …

They also have a number of labs dedicated to science, maths, innovation, creativity, teacher-training, and even create your own lab. They do extensive teacher training programmes, get hundreds of children into the campus, also have an outreach programme in several states including Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharastra, etc. They have also the largest mobile science labs which tour the villages where children can not come to their campus.

Sri Aurobindo Society as part of its Svarnim Puducherry initiative, will be coordinating with Agastya International Foundation to bring the best practices of science /maths/environmental education to Puducherry, as an experiential learning programme where science is understood and experienced through a constructivist approach, where observation leads to generalization and finally theory and not the opposite way, as is mostly followed in current pedagogy.


We had an extensive eco-walk with their Botanist Mr.Lakshya, who told us that the area receives only about 400 mm of rainfall on an average, and they have to use every drop of water through harvesting to keep the plants/trees live during their initial years. They started with the pioneer species which were local to the terrain and slowly increased the vegetative cover through the planned introduction of species. Over the years, the overall biodiversity has increased which is currently being documented.

The team from Svarnim Puducherry ..


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Looking for a prey, a winged visitor…

Caught this bird quite far through my camera zoom.


It was raining slightly.  The bird was scanning the neighbourhood quite intensely.


When I zoomed in a bit more, it looked as if it did not have a beak!


It had a brown head with light brown body down.


Not finding anything to eat – perhaps – it turned giving me a better view of it from its back. And before I could click again, it flew away.  But I could get a fairly good view of its feathers /wings.

Did some research and with help from my friends, it seems that the bird is “Oriental Turtle Dove” . Maybe they are migrating from the northern part of India as winter is closing in there as these birds are known to migrate to South India during winter.


The migrating butterflies – Crimson rose.

A couple of days I had this red and black butterfly caught on my camera. But now I see hundreds of them everywhere. Today, while it was still raining, I got a number of the same species fluttering around.


It was raining and it was difficult to catch them on my camera from a distance. But I managed to get a few of them.


They were everywhere. Fluttering around with their magnificent and bright beautiful wings.


I got them through the window of my office on the second floor (Sri Aurobindo Society) from a distance of about 30 meters away.


Some of the shots are off-center due to a high zoom.


Obviously, due to the huge numbers of them, I presume, they are migrating.


It is north-east monsoon in Pondicherry. It has been raining from today morning off and on since morning till almost noon. Because of my vantage position, I could get these butterflies about 40 feet above the ground.

Nature is so beautiful, green and soothing, especially when it rains! It is kind of regenerative even within minutes of its impact. The whole atmosphere changes and transforms!.